Everyone! Families, individuals, whanau, friends, visitors from New Zealand or overseas, communities, business and schools. All you need to do is make your donation… we’ll do the rest. Plant kauri every year – for each of your children, to remember a special person, to remember a special holiday or anniversary. You can support Kauri 2000 wherever you live.


Are You a Visitor?

What better way to remember your visit to the Coromandel Peninsula? Even though you’re far away, you’ll know there’ll always be a piece of your heart in the kauri forests of the Coromandel. And what better incentive to return

The Last of the Mohicans

This photograph taken in 1971 is the stump of one of the last – and largest – kauri to be cut on State Forest land on the Coromandel Peninsula.
It was cut in April 1970 by the Thames Sawmilling Company on the southern edge of the Manaia Sanctuary shortly before Sanctuary status was proclaimed.
It yielded 89.7 cubic metres of timber. Shown in the photograph are John Nicholls, scientist, Scion Research Institute, and Max Johnston, forest ranger.
(Photo courtesy of Max Johnston, Peninsula Environmental Practice)

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